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    Player Profile: Megan Van Beusekom-Sweerin...

    02/27/2013, 12:30pm CST
    By Staff

    Megan has been a goalie for the Minnesota Whitecaps since the inception of the team back in 2004.  She is a graduate of Benilde-St. Margaret's High School playing hockey for the Thoroughbreds then moving on to a stellar carrier while attending Princeton.

    Growing up in Loretto with 7 siblings, all but one played some level of hockey it is no wonder Megan has a competitive spirit. She started playing at the age of 3 years old and has now been playing for 28 years.  As her family grows and her boys start playing more hockey Megan plans to be coaching them someday.

    Q: How or who introduced you to the game of hockey?
    MS: My older brother started playing and I wanted to do everything he did so my mom signed me up soon after him.

    Q: How would you describe your experience at Worlds 2009?
    MS: Amazing, unbelievable, one of a kind. We were not a team of individuals; we were all on the same page and striving for the same goals in perfect harmony. I have never experienced anything like it before.

    Q: When you are not playing hockey what do you enjoying doing in your free time?
    MS: Right now my two boys take most of my time and energy. Vaughn is 2 and Chace is 7 Months.  I also enjoy working out to stay in shape lifting weights, deer hunting in November, and farming

    Q: When did you become involved with the Minnesota Whitecaps?
    MS: The first year the whitecaps started I had just graduated college and was looking for a place to continue my Olympic dreams. And the Whitecaps gave me the opportunity to keep playing.

    Q: What is your current career?
    MS: Stay at home mom, and I manage an 80 acre farm in Cokato.  My husband Eric and I have 8 cows 4 bulls and 4 replacement heifer calves of Simmental Beef cows, with about 60 acres of alfalfa Hay/ Pasture land. Right now we are selling the bulls for breeding stock and slowly building a herd.

    Q: How do you manage with your career and training schedule?
    MS: I get lots of help from my husband and family with watching the kids. Keeping good records and planning ahead of time when farm things need to be accomplished.

    Q: What is your most memorable moment with the Whitecaps?
    MS: When I was five and a half months pregnant with my first son Vaughn, we won the Clarkson Cup in Canada. I was goalie of the tournament and not too many people knew I was pregnant. It is always meaningful when you beat Canada and steal their trophy.

    Q: After college did you want to continue playing hockey?
    MS: What else would I do? I absolutely love playing hockey and I wanted to chase my Olympic dreams. Hockey is a part of me.

    Q: What are some pre game routines you have?
    MS: I was superstitious when I was younger and I hated being ruled by them. So as I got older I changed my attitude towards them and tried to not be superstitious.  I keep my pregame rituals very low key and simple and don’t worry if things don’t go exactly as planned.  Generally I like to have a cup of coffee before a game, and just relax and connect with teammates while we are getting dressed.

    Q: Did you play any other sports during your life?
    MS: Several. Any sport that I could try I would. I love being competitive and playing. Let’s see I played Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track, Mountain Biking, Road biking, hunting, Scuba diving. Even tried golf and football with friends but not really played.

    Q: What is a unique trait you have that most people would not know about you?
    MS: I am a very calm, quiet, down to earth person that has a strong competitive fire that hates to lose at anything.

    Q: Who is your role model?
    MS: Martin Brodeur – to be playing as well as he has and for as long while being able to adapt to different goaltending styles is remarkable.

    Q: What would you tell younger athletes when things might not be going as well in their sporting career?
    MS: “This too shall pass. “

    The Minnesota Whitecaps will be hanging around their booth at the Let's Play Hockey expo ready to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans.  Hope to see you there.

    Go Whitecaps!


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